…mehr als ein Fanprojekt


The Fanladen St. Pauli


More than 30 years ago active FC St. Pauli supporters founded and organised the Fan-Project St. Pauli which is situated in the Fanladen St. Pauli at the Heiligengeistfeld/middle of Gegengerade-Stand of the Millerntor-Stadium. The Fanladen team is responsible for taking care of the fan scene and the Fanladen is the key coordination center and one of the central meeting points for the fans as well as the home of many fanorganisations (e.g. board of registered supporters clubs, anti-repression group) and fanzines. It offers special assistance to local and international supporters and visitors that want to get in touch and visit an FC St.Pauli match.


The Fanladen works independently and is not owned by or part of the club, which means that the Fanladen can represent the Fans without being under pressure of commercial or political needs of the club. Despite being independent, the representatives and employees of the Fanladen are members of different committees and panels of the club in order to take care of the fans’ interests. This close cooperation of the independent Fanladen and the club is one of the key structures making FC St. Pauli different from other clubs.


The Fanladen can be seen as one of the breeding grounds of a new fan-culture in Germany and is considering itself as being the voice of the „ragtag”. The first relevant German football fanzines have been founded here as well as some of the most important national fan organizations like BAFF (confederation of active fans).
Almost nothing which happens within the St. Pauli fan scene happens without the knowledge and assistance of the Fanladen, almost no nationwide fan activities and meetings take place without the Fanladen and there is no other fan-minded institution in Germany having that many international contacts.


The active work of the Fanladen has created a big and creative information and activity network and gives evidence that the St. Pauli Supporters are not only an arbitrary crowd but an active and major part of the whole club as well as an important part of an own culture. The central activities of the Fanladen are the organisation of tours to away games, special programs for young supporters below 18 yrs, programs for young female supporters, organization of fan club football tournaments and fan club delegate panels and international contacts and meetings.


In addition the contact store in the Gegengerade-Stand is an information source and supporting place for all relevant supporters groups and place of contact for more than 500 St. Pauli-Fanclubs worldwide. The work of the Fanladen is fan-minded. It derives from the ideas and input of the fans. The Fanladen acts as a representative and critical supervisor of the FC. St. Pauli supporters, as a counselor of the Fans in case of problems with the club, the police, the stadium stewards or authorities and as intermediary between the fans and the club.


The Fanladen-Crew is open for all questions, problems and needs of the Fans and is ready to assist the supporters with contacts, advice, action and support.




Feel free to visit or contact the Fanladen-Crew at any time:

Heiligengeistfeld 1a
20359 Hamburg


Phn. +49 40 439 69 61 (only in the opening hours)
Fax. +49 40 430 51 19

Opening hours: Wed to Fri 3 – 7 pm and two hours before and two hours after home matches.


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